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BE2012 and restoring/converting to a HyperV Machine

Created: 18 Sep 2013 • Updated: 11 Oct 2013 | 8 comments
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I'm hoping someone can help or give me some advice as to how to create a Hyper V Machine from tape,

We are currently backing up our servers upto tape using BE2012, and restoring data when needed, all OK, we then started testing our DR solution and we are able to restore our servers to physical hardware (using the Symantec Disaster Recovery CD & Tape Drive).

Some of our servers do not need to be restored to physical server and for the DR scenario they could be restored to a HyperV VM, unfortuntely this is where it all goes wrong for me.

I built a server with 2008r2 (and all updates) and then installed BE2012( with Liveupdates), "Inventory'ed & Catalogued" the tape, but the convert button is greyed out, I then got the .DR file from our live server put it on the DR BE server, and the convert button is still greyed out.

Appreciate any help on this, (or is this something that is not possible?)

Thanks for your time


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See if this document helps

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Hey, Thanks for getting back to me, sorry that didnt work

Think I might have struck out here


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Hi Graham

You want restore from tape to Hyperv to boot on SDR cd ?

The news backupexec server has same name of original ?

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Thanks for responding to my question,

I am backing up the entire server to tape ((so the green light is on)on my Live Site),

and I was hoping to restore this to either a hyper V server (or a even just a vhd file).(in my DR Site)

As for the BE 2012 server i kept the same name as the "Live BE 2012 Server" although is is not part of the domain.

(Its the DC I am trying to restore to a Hyper V machine)

Appreciate your time


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The defect already referenced in the technote posted by lmosla is actually an acknowledgment that you cannot currently do what you are trying to do. We do intend to fix it however currently that is likely to be in the next major release of Backup Exec and not in a hotfix for the current version (this is also stated in the Tech article)

As a workaround, you should be able to use the SDR bootable DVD image to start an empty hyper-v machine and then use SDR to restore into hyper-V instead of using the convert option

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Have you tested conversion tack to backup your client and to restore to hyperV ?

You can do it with integrate vm tools in process

you have an backup and an vm after this job

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Just to be clear this issue is caused because of the media server recovery (Inventory and re-catalog process). If the original media server still exists you should be able to do the convert either as part of the original schuling (P2V) or as a one of job at a later point in time (b2v)

The OP did actually post that he has recoverd his media server as part of his/her description.