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BE2012 and scheduled duplicate-to-tape jobs not working

Created: 14 Jan 2014 | 10 comments


this is my first post so a big hello to all the community.

I'm facing a strange problem with BE2012 V-Ray Edition SP3 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 standard with a SAS tape autoloader attached, deduplication option and CASO option active.

On the first managed server i configured several jobs with a D2D2T scheme that backup VMware VMs to a deduplication disk storage, then duplicate them to tape two times.

The jobs are so configured:
- source: several virtual machines (image level backup) using agent for vmware and grt enabled
- destinations: local deduplication disk storage (the same for all jobs)
- first duplicate to tape is linked to previous backup
- second duplicate to tape is scheduled

From monday to friday backup jobs are daily differential, retention 10 hours, linked duplicate to media set #1,  source differential
Every saturday jobs are weekly full, retention 5 days, linked duplicate to tape media set #2, source full
Every first tuesday of the month start a scheduled duplicate job to tape media set #3, source full

The problem is the final step, the monthly scheduled duplicate to tape ("Duplicate SAFEBOX" in the attached image). All previous jobs run correctly, but the final step does not run at all, showing only the message "Ready;The Backup Exec Server that the catalog requested is not available to process this job." in the job view (second attached image). No alerts, no job reports, nothing. The task simply does not run.

It's the same if i try to left click on the duplicate job and select "run now", the job doesn't run showing the same message.

But if i browse the deduplication disk storage, select job history view, select the last full backup, left click and select "duplicate" then BE create a new duplicate job that runs correctly.

I've already opened a support ticket but the technical support has not been very helpful so far

I really can't explain this behaviour, how can i solve this strange problem?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Big Bart,

I tend to suspect the source of the scheduled duplicate job causing the problem. In my opinion the source is different for every occurance of the duplicate job, since it is supposed to duplicate the latest backup set; this latter is different every month.

if i.e. you would set the retention to 3 months on your weekly full backup,the same image would be available for several weeks (almost 3 months); but then again wyou would be duplicating the same backup set for like 3 months, and not the latest produced.

In order to solve this problem, you might want to schedule 1 full backup job in a month that does D2D2T2T rather then D2D2T. this job can replace one of the already scheduled weekly Full.

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You cannot do T2T unless you have 2 tape drives.

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Hi pkh,

the tape autoloader has two drives, with Library Expansion Option licensed in BE

Do you think i could do a T2T?




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thanks for your suggestion

It's correct that the source of the monthly duplicate job is the latest full backup set.

In my mind the flow is:

1) every working day a differential D2D2T

2) every week a full backup D2D2T

3) once a month a duplicate D2T of the latest point 2) (to move tapes in a safe)

My suspect is that the job editor permit you to create such a combination but BE is not capable to handle it correctly

What you are saying may be also correct, but in theory the job should work anyway

My problem is that the monthly scheduled D2T step simlpy does not start, firing up that misleading message visible only on the all jobs view...

Anyway i'll try to modify the job as you suggested to make some tests



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Hi Big Bart,

There's no reason why ..T2T shouldn't work.

I believe the key to success is a combination of following topics:

- a separate single duplication job wil not work correctly, for the reason I described in previous reaction; source is different at every occurance.

- therefore you need to schedule a specific D2D2T2T (or D2D2 another tape) job once a month, that replaces the original D2D2T weekly job. so i.e. schedule D2D2 another tape the first weekend and D2D2T for all other weekends.

basically you proposed schedule is ok, with the exception that you can't do just a D2T, you'll have to do ad D2D2T...

Hope I made that clear... if not send me an e-mail with aditional questions and I'll try to answer them.

good luck...

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I'd actually recommend T2T over D2T if using deduplication, because duplication from deduplication storage to tape is horribly slow, much slower than duplication from one tape to another.

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I'm facing very similar issue.

Some monthly B2T jobs won't run with this (useless) message "The Backup Exec server that the catalog requested is not available to process job". No log of course... Why I need it ?

All Jobs have the same scheduling with the same parameters (created with same template) :

Schedule : First monday of every 1 month at 05:00

Source : Most recent full backup

Storage : our tape hardware

Media Set : same to all montlhy job

What can I do ?

I can't do a run now

I can't cancel

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Same problem here. The duplicate to tape works for some time, but eventually it stops working. Allready created a support ticket, but without any luck. They advised to recreate the job, and it does provide a temp solution.

But after a few weeks the same message appears again. "The Backup Exec server that the catalog requested is not available to process job"

Anyone with a solution?

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Same problem here. Duplicate to Tape Jobs scheduled to run in the next 8-10 hours after backup to deduplication completion, are not running showing the message "The Backup Exec Server that the catalog requested..". The selected backup set, in D2T stage, is "Most recent full backup". Even when I select "Weekly" the problem is the same. What kind of scheduled option is this, if Backup Exec cannot manage and provide the proper source\backupset for D2T selections.