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BE2012 backup NFS system

Created: 06 Dec 2013 | 8 comments

hello,everyone: i have use BE2012 in one project,now,i want to know did BE2012 can backup the file on NFS system?

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Yes you can...add it in as a share: \\IP_Address\ShareName.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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What is the device/server that is using NFS?

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i do one testing to backup the file on NFS share system in linux client,the backup task dispaly ok, but the file is not really backup

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the backup device is local disk ,the file i need backup is local on NFS share system in one linux BE client

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1) check that the Linux variant is supported.  See the SCL below

BE 2012 SCL

2) if it is supported, install RALUS on the Linux server.

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the Linux variant is redhat Enterprise Linux 5.8 x64,install RALUS on the Linux server.

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AOF is not supported on this release, so your opened file will not be backed up.  See the footnote in the SCL

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i have switch to redhat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64 which support AOF,the problem is still exist