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BE2012 to backup SharePoint 2010

Created: 23 May 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

Can anyone advise and guide me the pratice to backup/Restore SharePoint 2010 and its content databases? Can BE2010 restore individual library/list or even a files within SharePoint?

Note: I am using BE2010 which is installed  application + database agent.


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Hope you are using BE 2010 R2 and above & not prev. release.

Sharepoint GRT functionality is available meaning you can restore individual items such as lists, documents, libraries etc.

Install RAWS on every server which is part of the Sharepoint Farm (web server, db server etc) & ensure the Agent for Sharepoint license is installed on the media server.

You can select the farm via Sharepoint node in the backup selections. Here are the permissions required ~

Admin Guide contains a chapter on Agent for Sharepoint which may help you.

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Hi V Jware,

Thanks for the link, i am usign BE 2012.

In BE 2012 console, i create backup job for web&app server ( part of 2 tier SharePoint 2010) to backup " Microsoft SharePoint Resouces", however the test credential is fail, even i use SP_farm account which is : Sharepoint administrator, local admin of all server within farm, member of backup operator and administrator of site collections. Any advice can hep me here?


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From the Backup & Restore tab, choose the option to Add. Choose the container Microsoft Sharepoint Farm & proceed ahead with the wizard.

Is Remote Agent installed on all Sharepoint servers ? If yes, ensure they are listening on the same NDMP port (10000 is the default port) and the service is running under a local system account.

Lastly, using SQL Management Studio, ensure the Backup Exec account is present under logins & has 'sa' & db_owner rights on the Sharepoint dBs.

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Thanks Vjware, it works now, i just need to re-add the SharePoint farm.

However, since i am using Vmware agent to backup the whole VMs, so how can i backup SharePoint farm with Vmware agent? ( I can't the SharePoint farm in server list when creating backup jobs for Vcenter)

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Yes, that's expected. When you use the Vmware agent, the backup selections would show only the complete VMs (vmdks). Enable Sharepoint agent under VMware options in the backup job & you would have a backup of the VM & the Sharepoint also. However, this is supported only if Sharepoint (SQL, web server roles etc) are on the same VM & not distributed across VMs.