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BE2012 backup virtual very slow

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

I use Windows agent to backup virtual machine. The rate only less then 200 MB/Min.

It is the disk to disk backup using BackupExec 2012.

Any idea?


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If you are doing backup using windows remote agent that means you are backing up virtual machine as a physical machine

1 If  this was working before and not now please compare the job log in the past and current one to check on which resource it is slow

2 If you are just doing backup of flat file and no particular application backup like exchage ,sql etc then would be good to isolate this by copying some data like 2-3 gb from virtual machine to media server drive were backup is going and check how much time does it take and then backup same 2-3 gb folder or files and then check how much time does it take

3 Ensure check point restart for BE 2012 is disabled by you which is on AOFO page of job setup


Hope that helps



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What is the target? Local disk? USB? SAN? NAS?

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SAN as my target.

It take 1.5 hour to backup my SQL database before move to virtual environment but it took 16 hour now.

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Are you using SAN Transport Mode? Have you checked the TN below:


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My backup server is a virtual machine. Is this matter? Thanks.

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Sure, are you creating a backup-to-disk backup to the same SAN as the SAN where the VM is located ?
In that case the SAN must read and write to the same disks, depending on your configuration.

What kind of server (esx host) and kind of SAN do you have ?

Did you look at the performance statistics in Vmware of the two VMs in question ?

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CraigV's picture need to be aware that using a VM to host Backup Exec is not supported at all by Symantec. While it might work (and we did this, much to my disagreement!) when you log a support call, expect no support unless you can reproduce the same issue in a physical environment.

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