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BE2012 BKF DLM issue, not overwriting, recycling.

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 21 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a big issue about BKF files, It seems that BE isn't doing the DLM o whatever it's called now.

My Backup Exec is with Sp1, HF189571,180964,194470 and 199866; My b2d storage is a Data Domain DD620 with dedup. (not using BE dedup)

I have to enable the view all media (Please, nominate as "cosmic genious" to the one who decide to hide this view in 2012) by following

My "keep for" setting for b2d is 1 week for daily, 2 weeks for weekly, 3 weeks for monthy, 10 years for duplicate (Duplicate to tape policy after the monthly backup completes)
And then for my surprise I have tons of bkf from 2012 (image001 is just a part) and some of january, by checking the b2d device, there are 3.56 Tb between BKF and IMG from 2012...; If I wanted to see which backup sets they have, there are none listed.
Yesteday, I ran an inventory job by now it's 72% complete. Take a look to image002, it seems that there's some information there but by now when clicked on details "no backup sets" (I need to catalog them once the inventory is done) 
But by now, I have three questions:
  1. I  would like to know why the OPP settings for all the BKF is "Infinite - Do not overwrite"; I review the backups that were executed during the morning and they also are as "infinite - do not overwrite", even when my setting (Keep for) is 2 weeks.
  2. There's some way to AUTOMATICALLY purgue all this old BKF ?
    Even if try to right click on those bkf files when I'm on BE;  I can't select "delete", "scrath"; i can only select "associate with media set" (but be2012 will not let you associate bkf files to a specific media set) o "associate with media vault" (Same as before) 

 Thanks in advance.

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Colin Weaver's picture

OK by turning on ShowHiddenMedia you expose BKF files in the Backup Set with the "Infinite do not overwrite" settings where they files are actually managed by DLM. Even though the BKF files are in this set DLM does not use those settings, instead DLM uses settings held in the catalog files themselves that are based on the setting in the backup job. For various reasons we still needed the media names for the BKFs to be in a table relating to media sets hence they show up in this way. As such if using ShowHiddenMedia please ignore the media set that disk based storage files (with the exception of on an RDX disk) end up being listed in.

With regards you being left with BKF file on the DD device if either the DD device or the BKF files themselves are reported as no longer online and this offline period co-incides with when the BKF file in question passes the retention expiry time, then we have a defect where we remove the catalog before we remove the BKF file and then can't remove the BKF file because it is offline. This defect is discussed in which is about USB disks but equally affects any disk storage device that might go offline or might have been offline in the past.

At this current time we are planning to provide a public fix for the defect in the same patch that will support Windows 2012 and ESX 5.1. In the meantime we have an Orphan that addresses the condition but you must contact support formally to get it.

King_Julien's picture

Collin, thank you for the reply. 

If this is a defect, then I guess I will have to contact support or wait until the patch is released.

I didn't know about that technote but yes I was trying to inventory and catalog, but it's almosrt 5 Tb of data and I will take some time to conclude and it seems that I will have to do all this process manually, as far as I read, there's no way for an automatic way.

Thank you again! 

A second of your life, ruined for life.

mr2nut123's picture

How much does this orphan get paid per day?  Did he also create the GUI for 2012 in mspaint?

King_Julien's picture

Collin, Just to know... the attached picture, is it part of the defect you mentioned before?

How is possible that an incremental backup from feb 05 is linked/related to an incremental of Mar 07 and three different full backups?

I think it's weird. 


A second of your life, ruined for life.

Colin Weaver's picture

that looks liek a different issue - although again it is possibly one we are already researching possibly this

 you should probably log a support case about that as I think we may have a SQL script that can be run to correct

Basically you should get that message if you delete the last full and a newer inceremental exists

But if you have 2 fulls the link from the earliest full should stop when you run the next full

King_Julien's picture

TECH201903 might be internal? Because I can't access to it.

A second of your life, ruined for life.

mr2nut123's picture

My manager thinks i'm 'a bit slow' because I can't get a simple RDX device working with 2012.  I had one of these devices working with 11d years ago, granted it didn't have GRT available at the time which is ofcourse the reason behind the cartridges filling up, but still..

I just can't see how this slipped past internal testing.  It's one of the most popular devices out there, LTOs seem to work absolutely fine and also be able to maintain some order to the naming of the tapes and not have random names assigned to tapes on each inventory.

For the record, I'm a long standing and loyal Backup Exec user, but the last 3 main releases have all had this same issue with RDX backups filling the tapes up, it's extremely confusing and annoying having to manually format clients tapes every week or so. 

At the very least please make this super secret hotfix available publically to restore the faith a bit.. I have requested this multiple times and engineers have either not known what I meant, or attempted to fix it themselves by reinstalling the entire Backup Exec suite and failing.  Does it have an internal name?