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BE2012: BlackBerry 10 SQL db not GRT-enabeld?

Created: 09 Mar 2014 | 6 comments
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 Hi all.  I have worked out various issues with the backup job on this 2008 R2 Hyper-V host running 4 VMs, all 2008 R2.  The last item not working is that the BlackBerry 10 SQL db instance on one VM gives the following at the en dof the backup job:

V-79-57344-38749 - Backup Exec was unable to prepare Microsoft SQL resources for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations.  Therefore you will be unable to perform GRT-enabled restores of Microsoft SQL data for 'XYZMACHINE.DO.MAIN\BLACKBERRY' from this backup.

All options, by default ,are checked with regards to GRT functionality in he backup job settings.  Can anyvbody suggest on this?  I will also go to the BB forums to have a look but thought perhaps the BE forum people would be the best start. 

Thank you. 

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You can check the following:

You can check if your backup account has rights in the database instances.
This ist not automaticaly done if you use a another backup account than "Domain\Administrator"

To check if it is the problem you can grant dbo-Rights to the account in the instance.
You can grant this right over the SQL Management Studio.

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I'm a bit limited in my knowledge with SQL management.  Years ago I did some very light stuff in SQL 2005 mgmt studio. 

Mgmt stduio wasn't installed so I downloladed and installed that.  For Server Name I brosed, found the server and instance for BLACKBERRY.  When I open it, by default it wants Windows Auth.  Default domain admin I use was already there so I went ahead.  However clicing on various item sin the hierarchy often gives errors about not have rights. 

Just for the record, though it may not be relevant, the SQL services in Windows that runs this instance has Local System in the Log On tab - just FYI. 

In tems of logging into SQL mgmt stduio to make changes, do I log in as sa?  There is also a Login there called BDSMgmt with BDS meaning the BlackBerry server so perhaps that's hte user I should try.  Howefvfer I don't know the password for either of these two users as we had an outside consultant set up the Blackberry server. 

So, do I need to log into SQL Mgmt Studio with one of those two accounts?  I'm really quote confused about this whole process. 

If BE can't "get into" SQL to enable GRT restores, I assume that means it cannot access the db to effectively "log in".  But the question is, what's trying to log in?  The Log On account that starts the Agent for Windows service?  If so, that is just Local System. 

Or is BE using the sa account from within SQL?  Thisis where I'm getting lost, what account is BE trying to leverage to gain that access to the BLACKBERRY instance so it can do it's GRT itemization. 

Please take a confused fellow and show him where to check for these things :)

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Ok, I may have realized what I am doing wrong. Or rather, at least I have a guess. 

Inn BE 2012 for Logon Accounts I have one account:  my domain admin user account.  This is set as my default account in BE, Type: Common (whatever that means) and if I edit this account in BE there's a box that indicates this is the System Logon Account. 

For everything else I've done, this is just fine, all other resources are backing up fine with full GRT (Exchange, AD, etc.). 

But when I went into SQL Mgmt Studio as this domain admin user and clcked around I got some erorrs about not having access, so obviously I do need to edit my domain admin user to have whatever rights are needed for SQL. 

So, exactly where can I do that?  I looked at that link provided above, about the SBS2011 problem, and saw a list of rights that need to be added.  I'll re-read that article now in case it says where to make the change too. 

In anticipation of what might happen here, I am thinking:  probably this change has ot be done by the sa account from within SQL Mgmt Stduio, but as I do not know the password for sa, can I reset it and if so, will that cause anything to stop working, like that BLACKBERRY instance? 

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If you currently have no account which can set these rights, it is a problem.

You  should not reset any passwords in the instance.

I think the BB suppport can assist you with checking/setting the permission for the accounts, because I think the setup created the instance. Perhaps in any manual you can find the password for the 'sa' account.

I don't have experience with blackberry in special.

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By default, sa does not have any password.  You can try logging in as sa with a blank password.  After that, you should give sa a password to protect your database.  This will not cause any problems with your application.

In SQL Studio, access the BB SQL instance.  You would see 1 or more databases.  Right-click on these databases and then add the BESA as the db_owner.  You can have multiple db_owner.

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Thanks guys.  Sorry to be so slow to reply I have been swamped.  Ok I will check into this and reply again soon.