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BE2012, CASO and DataDomains

Created: 03 Feb 2013 | 9 comments
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I was wondering if anyone had experience configuring the following

Site 1: (Primary Site)

1 x BE2012 Server with CASO

1 x DD

All licenses for DDBoost replication etc

Site2: (DR Site)

1 x BE2012 server and media agent

1 x DD

All licenses etc...

What im looking to find is the best soltuon to have the secondary site available in the event the primary site goes down. 

Also if the primary server fails i want to be able to have the secondary server kick in and start backups.

Do i need to re-register all BE agents with the secondary server to enable them to backup.

Does DD replication or BE2012 CASO handle replication between the two DD's?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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With your setup, you should do optimised duplication between your two sites, i.e. duplicate your backup sets from one DD to the other.

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Are there any good documents on configuring shared/optimised deduplication?

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So that would be handled within Backup Exec then.

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Yes.  Just add a duplicate stage to your backup jobs.

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ok no worries very straight forward.

and tis will cover not only the backup data but the catalogues data sets etc?

I will also need to make both DD's available on both instances of BE2012?

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I will also need to make both DD's available on both instances of BE2012?

Yes.  This is a pre-requisite.

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If the CASO goes down, the MMS server will not be able to run any backups/restores until the CASO is restored & the CASO-MMS communication is brought back online or the MMS server is converted to a standalone server.

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...this statement is only correct if you centralise al your information on the CASO. Replicated/localised on the MMS ensures that if the CASO dies, the MMS continues working.

I have experience with a localised setup and can vouch for the fact that site backups continue when the MMS dies.


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So essentially CASO doent really provide any real DR solution with regards to a 'primar' and 'secondary' server.

What would be the best option/configuration.

would it be worth replicating andn catalogues etc to the secondary server, create copies of the backup jobs from the primary server onto the seconday server and putthem on hold. then if the primary server fails. reregster the agents with the secondary server and commence backups?