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BE2012 Catalog Issues

Created: 01 Mar 2013 • Updated: 04 Mar 2013

Hello All,


A nice innocuous group of numbers.  A royal pain in my arse.  In the past, a nice catalog job reassured me my data was safe.  Enter BE2012, which for the last year has lost me more sleep than any other single piece of software.

I have tried everything.  Including wiping the slate clean with no backup data, no catalog's...just fresh jobs.  And they run fine.  And so does the catalog job.  For a while.

However, within a month or two, the error number i have learned to dread, V-79-57344-3849, pokes its head up from a catalog job.  Can I fix it?  Sure!  Every month?  Um, well, yeah...but how do I keep invoicing a client for the same thing that I keep 'fixing'?  Answers you might get from a car dealer dont fly...."That always breaks on these cars"..... are not a good answer in the IT industry.

I have looked through oodles of docs such as....

We already have the backup exec folder excluded from AV scans (both the AV and Data folders).  And that thread never did say whether the problem was solved or not.

Most of the other threads talk about fixing the catalogs, not how to avoid or stop them from breaking.  The problem we have is the fix is worse than the puts our remote backups OFFLINE for DAYS with NO HOPE of catching up.  Cataloging 4TB of data at 400MB / min means 500GB/day which means it takes 8 DAYS PER CORRUPTION TO RECATALOG not using the on disk ones and reading from the files.  WTF?!?!?

Even the local B2D folders suffer from this as well, though to recatalog 2TB at 7GB/min is somwhat less painful.  I know a lot of people don't do regular inventory/catalog jobs, they expect them to be good, but I simply can't trust my data even though the backups say 'completed' and no errors, if the inventory/catalog combo cant cross check and confirm.

So I have a few questions...

1.  Do other people have these problems (that are acutally doing a weekly inventory/catalog using the on disk catalogs rather than reading the file)

2. What is causing this incessant problem!!!!  There has been times where the remote disk has been disconnected in the middle of a backup, but should not a product thats been developed for 15 years or so not expect that can happen and have a way to recover from it without corrupting the catalog's to the point where you have to do the painful recatalog from tye files?  (like automatically reindex the files it died in the middle of writing) Is their an easier way to 'fix' the corrupt database? 

3. Is there ANYWHERE on symantec that has a 2012 SPECIFIC step by freaking step guide to troubleshooting AND repairing the catalog issues.  BE changed so much in 2012 I can't trust any of the older information to be accurate, and the 2012 only content is quite lacking.

Thanks in advance.

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