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BE2012 Convert to VM

Created: 01 Nov 2013 | 1 comment

Good Afternoon,

I wonder if somebody could help please, I have really got to grips lately with BE2012, SDR etc etc and find after a bit of playing around its a really good product that I'm really pleased with.

But now I have an issue, we have an old server that runs an email relay, WSUS and MDT its that old it still backs up to an old LTO drive and I no its on its way out so I started to look at converting the backup to a VM as I could then host the VM on our new finance server but I have run into a snag. After setting everything up I found out that BE2012 cant backup to a VM if its a dynamic disk and as the disks are mirrored they have to be dynamic.

After a bit of searching it suggests deleting the partition and re-creating it as a basic disk, is this the only way as I dont want to lose the information on the drive or is there another way forcing it to create the VM ??? This could be an issue for us as the server I wanted to virtualise are all on dynamic disks.

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If the mirroed disk is not needed for the SDR light to be on (so at least is not the C: drive) 

Then do an SDR/P2V enabled backup without that mirried disk and then do another backup of just the mirrored disk

Then use P2V or SDR to restore into a VM, and then once it is up and runnign do a second restore job to recover the data from the mirrored disk