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BE2012 Convert to VM "VERY VERY SLOW" What CAUSE it???

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 22 Apr 2014 | 15 comments
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I m using vmware with BE2012 local store.

I have setup clone my BE server itself after backup and convert to vm in a  remote VM store ..on intranet BUT it is very very slow 100M/min.

( sometimes i exp access right / file log issue...ignore these first)

Any idea ...if i clone( convert)  to lcoal it is ok fast  ...but if i clone the the remote nfs store/ iscsi is very slow.100M./min.

Direct copy from peer to peer is quite fast as intranet 100m/s

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Note that using a virtualised media server and accessing real devices is not supported.

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What do u meant not support ??? i wonder it cannot support such easy stuff.

Every servers i mentioed is vitualizes even the backstore or storage server of Vm.

Note that using a virtualised media server and accessing real devices is not supported

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The virtualization part is supported. The use of a virtualized media server is not supported

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Do u meant BE2012 must be a physical server cannot virtual is ridiculous nowaday.

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No. It is not ridiculous.  Even VMware does not support pass-thru from ESX 5.x onwards.

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Yes. The media server cannot be a VM, if you want it to backup to real devices, like tape or disk drives.

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Hi Barrykfl,

It's not like BE Media server can't be installed on a Virtual Machine or it is not supported but it has some limitations when used with tape drives connected to the physical server. 

Hope this article helps you:

Can Backup Exec Media Servers be installed on a Guest virtual machine running on an ESX server?


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Take note of the portion of the document which stated that this is an alternate configuration and its implications.

Also, since VMware does not support pass through from ESX 5.x. This document does not apply for ESX 5.x

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My configurationis backup to Disk ( backup to NAS)...but more  function is backup to disk and then virutalized it..

It work pretty well on D2D part none of issue but slow on D2D then VM ...the VM convertion locally is acceptable fast. but if its storage of VM not local store e.g iscsi storage ...the performace will degrade said 100M/min....very slow.

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This is because iSCSI involves the network. If your network is congested, then it will be slow. Also your NAS might show things down

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the is not very related as dedicated gigabit ntwork assigned already

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You need to look at things like:

1. Enabling Jumbo Frames on the host and switch ports to see if this gives a performance boost;

2. Hard-coding the vNIC/NIC of the VM/host and switch ports to 10000GB FULL, as well as seeing if the NAS is capable of this;

3. Putting in a separate VLAN and network for backups as you are then segregating the backups from normal VM traffic.


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thanks suggestion ...the settings separate vlan i am doing now but i just use default auto setting, maybe take a look in vmware side  

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...forcing your hardware to the fastest it can run at is always recommended. It means ports are not trying to negotiate with each other to find the optimal speed.


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