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BE2012 Duplicate to Tape stage not performing as desired

Created: 01 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Hi there, here is another of the BE2012 strange behavior case (as i see it):

1) I have multiple servers/jobs with full backup configured daily evening having "keep data for - 1 week" & then a Duplicate to Tape Stage added with Source being "Most Recent Full backup" scheduled on the Last day of every Month (strange? yea..) after the full backup end time..

Now when the Duplicate to tape gets executed successfully i notice that it is taking not the Last Full backup but last 7 full backups (as keep data for 1 week is selected) which is consuming the storage on the tape device.. Can it be explained & solved for me???

2) Also some jobs are configured as Weekly Full backups and keeping data for 4 weeks. Duplicate to tape stage set with Source as "All Backups" scheduled time set after the end time of the weekly full job..

This gets executed and duplicates only the Last Full Weekly backup (and not All Backups).. Not as expected again..

Please let me know if this is a bug or am i doing something wrong?

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Ok I can explain the 2nd one. The Duplicate "All Backups" option actually means "Duplicate All Backups since the last sucessful duplicate backup of the same data selection" As such as your backup to disk is weekly and your duplicate is weekly to follow the disk stage, then the last backup is the only one to have run since the previous duplicate. If it was actually duplicate all backups forever your duplicate on tape sets would end up very very large (in fact there would be no limit as to how large it could get, as every week it would be the total size of all the backups going back to the creation date of the job. You would almost certainly get missing catalog errors if it really ran like this as well due to the retenion periods being exceeded against the original disk sets. The 1st one I have setup a test, won't get the results straight away though.

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Thnx Colin for your reply,

The duplicate to tape stage is actually set Monthly & not weekly for the 2nd job,, means it backs up every week on the disk n then Last weekly backup of every month is duplicated to tape for archiving.. so in my case with 4 weeks retention on disk, idealy it shall duplicate 4 backups to tape but in real its duplicating the latest weekly backup only.. Anyways this isnt of much concern to me right now as i had originally planned for the last backup only to be duplicated so i am OK with it for now..

And for the All Backups Duplicate, yes it will & is consuming lots of storgae space which causes the tape getting full (i have a single tape drive n not a tape library)..

For the 1st case, i would like to have a solution before the next due date of the duplicate stage.. means u have enough time :)

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I cannot reproduce either condition please log formal support cases.