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BE2012 Exclude dates - cancels jobs that span midnight

Created: 29 Mar 2013 • Updated: 09 Jun 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Why oh why Symantec do Exclude Dates cancel jobs that span midnight? Today is Good Friday in the UK, a general holiday day so for neatness I excluded March 29th on our two servers. Net result, our overnight backup that started at 8pm last night (March 28th) cancelled itself just after midnight as it dropped into March 29th! Net result = two servers not backed up.

Surely any designer with an ounce of common sense would let existing jobs run, but prevent new jobs that start on an Exclude date from starting Symantec, I bought your products to safeguard my system not endanger it.

The thread above talks about a fix coming out but (a) it hasn't and (b) that thread is locked - why? 

Symantec, please issue a fix for this - it really is not complicated logic to provide for. 

Deeply unimpressed.

Edward Lowy

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Jaydeep S's picture

Hey Edward,

This was is due to an unfortunate Scheduler change in BE 2012

As a workaround in these situations, could you try to start the jobs earlier for that 1 day to that they complete before 11:59 PM the earlier night.

Having said that we are trying to get the old functionality back as soon as possible. We currently don't have an eta on this yet.

Edward Lowy's picture

Hi, appreciate you taking the time to reply. 

I assume you're joking however that we should change how our businesss runs to fit in with Symantec's ridiculous coding?

How long can it take to change the scheduler so that if a job is active at the start of an exclude day, it is allowed to run to completion? Not long at all if the will is there.

Kind regards


PackMatt73's picture

Hi Edward.

I am part of the BE Product Mgmt team.  PM & Engineering have heard your (and others') call for this.  We are working on it as part of the future of BE.

A great way to work directly with engineering is by joining the beta program.  You can sign up here and be a part of the conversation with engineering as they develop the next release of BE.

Feel free to DM me here or find me on Twitter at @PackMatt73 or Goggle+ at PackMatt73

We're here to help.

Edward Lowy's picture

Thanks for your note - splendid words, but what your users are after is action. You have had plenty of time to make this change in logic : if a job is running and it runs into an exclude day -> continue.

This has been knocking around for ages and just needs a Hotfix now please. I appreciate the gesture but actually my time needs to be spent working for my own company looking after our own customers, not being part of Symantec's development program.

Please advise when this will be sorted. Many thanks

Edward Lowy

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Just received confirmation that the next release of BE, the beta I mentioned, includes this fix.  Joining the beta will get you this functionality early. 

Beta begins in May, release is in June.

Edward Lowy's picture

Well that's progress, thanks. Now how about just releasing that minute change as a Hotfix this weekend?

You know you want to...

PackMatt73's picture know I do...

I'll walk downstairs and see if I can talk them into it