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BE2012 File System Archiving Function - Error 0xe000fe29 Authentication Failed.

Created: 17 Aug 2012 • Updated: 20 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

Hi everyone,

I have upgraded my BE 12.5 installation with a Trial version of Backup Exec 2012 with the sole intention of evaluating the File System Archiving function. However, I'm running into error 0xe000fe29 whenever I attempt to run an archive job that currently only targets a single share on the same server Backup Exec is installed. 

The Archive job has been added as an additional stage to my Full Backup job, and it will move the data selected for archival into a separate volume connected to the server, for which I have created a Vault Store through the BE wizard. The backup job, however, is pushed out to our robotic tape library - if that makes a difference. 

However, although the backup job works just fine, and the credentials are all accepted when I test them in the main Job window, the archive job always fails with the following error message: 

Steps I have taken to troubleshoot the problem:

- Replace the accounts in the Backup Exec Services window with two different Domain Admin accounts; backup job works, but archive job still fails.

- Tested DNS resolution

- Made sure the accounts specified for BE have access to the share being archived.

- Select the folder through an administrative share instead.

- The Backup Exec Remote Agent is being run under the Local System Account.

I did complete a full backup of our data prior to attempting the archive job, but still no dice.

Am I missing something? Please advise.

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HI WMNeto,

Some questions that might help us troubleshoot.

Are the Backup Exec services such as the "Backup Exec Job Engine" service, and all the Enterprise Vault services such as the "Enterprise Vault Directory Service" running with the same user account?

Also, if you click on the yellow icon in the top left and navigate to Configuration and Settings -> Backup Exec Settings -> Archive and click on the Index Locations button, do you see index location paths such as "C:\Program Files\Backup Exec\ArchiveIndex\index1" etc. listed in there?


- Srineet.