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BE2012 to Hitachi HNAS for storge B2D target (not working)

Created: 21 May 2013 | 3 comments

Wondering if anyone is using Hitachi's HNAS (with smaller backend HUS SAN (like 110) as backup target?

I'm finding the BE2012 'does not work well with HNAS storage' .  BE2010R2 works great with it.

BE2012 media server with Fiber Channel attached disks as storage works great.

Getting Unknown Error has occured, the path is no longer valid...path to storage is UNC \\IP_address\share_name


Appreciate your replies either way-


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This device isn't listed in the HCL, however you can first try running a B2D test to test its functionality.

32-Bit ~

64-Bit ~

And is this device capable of iSCSI ? If yes, you can consider setting up storage in this fashion rather than CIFS

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Did you look at the listing in BlueArc and it appears that our model is the one shown there or an equivalent.

Just asked Hitachi and they replied -

Yes. You have a HNAS3080 (aka M1 file module) which is equivalent to the BlueArc Mercury 50.


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Appreciate the reply VJware- the HNAS uses an Aggregate (1gb NIC's with 6 available, we split into 3+3), so iSCSI connection to it (I'm not sure it has that support) would nullify that, heck if it's not on the HCL (looking to find that now) rather than iSCSI I would simply opt for Fiber connectivity at 8/4gb to HUS110 itself via fiber switch.