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BE2012 Incrementals on disk append when space runs out

Created: 08 Feb 2014 • Updated: 11 Feb 2014 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Im starting to backup my exchange database to Disk. 

The backup sets are set to append and then overwrite (not terminate). Once the disk is full, tho, what is being overwritten? There will be a full backup the first time and then incrementals every time else. How can I make sure that the full is NOT overwritten and Ill still be able to recover from the full AND and subseqent incrementals that are available due to the space restrictiions forcing the backup job to overwrite the data once the "append area" is used?

And is this best practice? one full and incrementals afterwards?

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For BE 2012, you cannot append to disk storage.  Disk storage is managed by DLM and by default, the last backup chain will not be overwritten.  For your answers, read this blog

and my article below

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Is there a link you can post that will explain how DLM is setup in the backup job (if it is even set up) so I can make sure im doing it all correctly?

Does this also mean that I should be doing Fulls everyone once in a while to make sure a chain stays on the disk?

Ill really have to figure out what IM doing in regards to backing up to disk and then duplicating it to tape since my disk space far exceeds that of a tape.


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DLM does not need to be setup. It will be used when you use a disk storage.

You do full backups to shorten your backup chains so that they can be groomed more frequently. Otherwise you are going to need a lot of disk space.

When you backup to tape the backup can span across multiple tapes.