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BE2012 Insert Media Alert - but overwritable media available!!!

Created: 12 Jun 2012 • Updated: 12 Jun 2012 | 4 comments

BE2012 with all but SP1 hotfixes applied

So, here I have a media set with the OPP set to 12 hours and the APP set to 1 day

I have a backup job that runs daily and only 1 tape in the media set.

So effectively I am reusing the same tape each day, well I would like to, but Backup Exec won’t let me!

So I though "Ah the APP is longer than the OPP, I will make them the same"

Nope! Still get an "insert media" alert

See attachment


Oh and once I get this situation, I cannot cancel the alert, I can only select ok.

I cannot find anywhere to cancel the job, so I have to resort to putting a scratch tape in, let it use it then I can cancel the tape

The current job does not show in the job history

The current job does not show in the jobs for the server.

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pkh's picture

Click on the BE button, click on Configuration and Settings,  check the overwrite protecion level under Media Management.  The OPL should be either Default or Full, not None.

Lesta G's picture

I think you mean under Storage for BE2012?

I have it set to partial and prompt

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Is your job set to the option "Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media found"? or to teh option "Overwrite media"?

Lesta G's picture

Overwrite media. Well that is what the job log says :) I can't look at the original job  as I have just changed the job to backup to disk  (SAN Disk now available to me) and then duplicate to tape (using the same media set) and it is now running fine......

The only thing I can think of...

It is *remotely*  possible I think that the job started when the tape was not overwriteable, but even 13 hours later (remember OPP 12 hours) you would click OK and still the job would not accept the tape

I have had this problem in the past with BE2010 R3. This month in fact. The same backup job running fine for months, using daily tapes that are recycled each month,then suddenly NONE of the 6 the (blue) overwriteable media will no be accepted by BE and sits on a  "insert media" alert. Again changing the media to scratch works fine

A right PITA in both versions :)

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