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BE2012 Job Cancellation on an unresponsive server

Created: 04 Jan 2013 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

It seems that BE2012 doesn't like me manually cancelling jobs on unresponsive servers.  I had a server go dark last night, although heartbeat-type information was still coming from the server almost making it appear to be awake (my health monitors noted an issue, but it was not in a critical state).  The backup job was queued to run (still is, cause it won't cancel) for about 10 hours now and it is holding up other backups.  When I manually go to cancel the job, it just won't cancel.  No error, nothing is returned.

Now, the server is back up and fully responsive, but the job is stuck in queue and still will not cancel.

My guess is that in order for a job to be manually cancelled, BE2012 needs a response from the agent on the server for which the job is being cancelled.  This seems a bit short-sighted on the spec design...I should be able to cancel a job regardless of response from the agent.

The job did finally end up cancelling by the time I got to this line, because it finally got ahold of the agent.

It would be nice to have this reviewed and addressed if possible.

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Check the Known Issues section to see if this has been listed, and if so, vote it up.

I do know that in cases where jobs were stalled in previous versions, a restart of the services fixed things. This was something that was carried through between a number of different versions of BE, so it could be that it has simply continued...


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