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BE2012 job enhance after holiday, no job base exclusion, no "if no incremental then full" option

Created: 07 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I think this should be a  well known case as no one change tape during hoilday, and those incremetal backup only work with a full backup, since the full backup is excluded.

For us, after the holiday we need to change tape first, then make a one-time full backup manually before the incremental job start.

Too much manual job and adjustment is requried.

Anyone have some suggestion for that?

The lack of "job base exclusion" and "no inc then full" condition make me annoyed ..... Orz

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Unfortunately, there is no solution around this problem at the moment.  Exclude dates for individual jobs will return with BE 2012 R2.  See this

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Thanks your update, then is there any option to check the full backup automatically? or we can only do it manually if the job exclude during holiday

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You can use the Windows Scheduler to schedule the BEMCLI cmdlet Start-BEJob to start the full backup at an appropriate time.