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BE2012 Media Set

Created: 10 Oct 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

I have been playing with the backup today as it hasn't worked since being upgraded from 2010 to 2012 so I un-installed 2012 to start from scratch that's when I hit my first problem; I tried to create a media set called 'Daily Backup' but it says it already exists even though its not in the list.

The tape is also allocated to that media set that I cant see and is set to never overwrite.

How can I remove all remnants of previous media sets and re-allocate the rdx tape to my new set ???

I have tried erasing the tape and then formating it again but still no joy.

Many thanks in advance.

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OK I have managed to sort part of the problem but now my tape resides in Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media and I cant seem to move it to the media set I want it in.

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Hello, make sure all of you updates have been ran.  Can you see the Backup Sets if you go to the Backup and Restore tab - click on the server and then view Backup Sets?

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I can see the tape but its in the wrong media set and wont let me move it I also cant catalog the tape as it throws up an error saying something about unable to mount library.

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If youve resinatalled B.E. and recreated the backup sets you shouldnt associate the media with the sets.. Associate the media with scratch and backup exec will pull the tape and associate it with the proper media set when the job runs. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Go to Windows and NT Media set under storage tab. Look for the tapes there. Click on the tape and move the tape to the desired media set.


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Since you are using RDX, please do NOT call the things that you put into the drive, tapes.  It is very confusing for us.  They are CARTRIDGES.  Tapes have different handling characteristics.

The cartridges will have something called FLDR.  These are the logical containers and will always be in the Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media.  They cannot be moved to other media sets.  This is by design.

When you do a backup to these cartridges, you will get .bkf files or .img folders.  These are your actual backup media and they can be associated with any media set.  These are the things that you should be concerned about.  You can safely ignore the FLDR things.

See this comment by Colin Weaver.

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Thank you for all the help, I decided last night after removing then re-installing again :-(, just to configure it and let it do the backup overnight and see what happens, so far its been running for 11h 42m and has done around 830GB, got a meeting in 10 mins so will have a look when I come out and update as appropriate but fingers crossed it says its on its verify.

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Thank you for all the help everyone, Just got back from my meeting and it says it was successful and there are no exceptions so really pleased, going to try an SDR recover now on my DR server to check but its looking good so far.