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Be2012 Monthly report total size backed up.

Created: 30 Jul 2012 | 6 comments

I like the new RSS feed on the overview but when im trying to create a custom monthly report that reports Total  GB/TB backed up in one month i can,t find the right settings for that. 

The most preferred would be a complete report where total backed up per month per type of storage, eg  XX TB on Dedup   XX TB on B2D XX TB to Tape .

Can anyone help me?

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You cannot do a custom report that does totals.  No report does totals.

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BE2012 do daily total, cant be so hard to sum that up and do a total.

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If you need such a capability, do post the suggestion in the Ideas section.  If enough users agree with you, it might be included in some future rellease of BE.

In the meantime, you might want to look at BEMCLI.  You may be able to get the information and sum it up using Powershell.

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Thanks, i will look into the BEMCLI and see what i can find.

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Hi Pels,

I work with Backup Exec Engineering. I looked at your requirement and I agree that there does not seem to be a report to provide information exactly how you want it, however, I think following custom report can provide a solution close to what you are looking for.

  1. Click on ‘New Custom Report’ and select ‘Device Name’, ‘Bytes Processed’ fields from ‘Job History’ group.
  2. Click on Filters and select ‘Job Start Time’ in Field name, ‘IN LAST (Look Back)’ in operator, put 30 days in ‘Value’
  3. Click on ‘Grouping’ and select ‘Device Name’ in ‘Group By’ field
  4. Click on ‘Graph options’ and select ‘Pie’ in ‘Graph Type’ field
  5. Provide some title to the graph, select ‘Device Name’ in ‘Category Field’, ‘Bytes Processed’ in ‘Data Field’, ‘Sum’ as ‘Aggregate Function’ and click on OK.
  6. Now if you execute the report, it will show the bytes processed for each backup set on every device and a pie graph.
  7. Pie graph here can provide you the total bytes processed(in Bytes) for each device in last 30 days

Please let me know if it is helpful to you.