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BE2012 "no appendable media" error but its a new tape

Created: 08 Feb 2014 • Updated: 08 Feb 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Long story short, im restesting my environment for tape and disk backups, so consider this "from scratch".

  • I have BE2012sp3 running on win2008r2sp1.
  • Drive is an LTO4
  • Media set is set to Overwrite protection 3 weeks/append period None - Infinite allow append
  • Backup job is a full backup
  • storage tab on backup jobs reads Append to media - Terminate job is no appendable media is available
  • global storage settings are Partial
  • tape is part of the scratch media set

I put the tape in and did a short erase. I started the backup job and it immediately failed throwing the error:

No appendable media could be mounted.
V-79-57344-33037 - Error - Mount failed.
Physical Volume Library Media not found.
Shouldnt the backup put the data on the tape since:
  1. Its been recently erased so the space exists (300 gig on an 800gig tape)
  2. The media is part of the scratch media set which sets no restrictions on the tape correct?

Help! :)

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pkh's picture

No. You can only overwrite a scratch tape. You cannot append to a scratch tape

djr357's picture

ah ok - so when i put a new tape in (like unwrapped from plastic), what can I insure the backups are set to so I dont have to change it each time to over write if i put a new tape in the mix but also so it wont over write other media the next time a not-new tape is used?

pkh's picture

You can set your job to append, otherwise overwrite.

My far remember that BE can only spend too the first tape. For the second and subsequent tapes, BE requires overwritable tapes, so you cannot spend forever

djr357's picture

Im not sure I understand what "spend" means. These jobs will only need one tape. I guess ill be careful so when i put in a new tape, i set the jobs to over write then adjust them afterward back to terminate.

pkh's picture

Sorry for the typo.  It should be append.

"... then adjust them afterward back to terminate"

Now is my turn to don't understand.

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I think im understanding what is going on. I was just worried about if a tape broke or became unreadable for any reason ans you had to swap in a BRAND new tape during a normal backup session. The backup job is set to append if any is available, if not, terminate job. Since that is set, it will error out when it tries to write to the new tape. 

Ill just me more aware or this if it happens and adjust the job accordingly!

Thnks for your help across all my posts. Its been much appreciated. Now to figure out DLM!