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BE2012 restore anywhere?

Created: 13 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

We have both IBM and HP machines.  Sometimes we need to restore and IBM image to an HP machine.  With BE2010, this was possible even though the IBM has an EFI partition and the HP doesn't.  We would install the Windows O/S on the HP machine, then boot from the 2010 Recovery CD, select the IBM C: drive image and restore it to the HP machine.  Boot the HP machine and voila - an HP machine running the IBM C: drive image - all programs running fine.

Now along comes BE2012.  In order to do a Bare Metal / Restore Anywhere Recovery, you have to select the SDR option when creating the backup.  This creates the DR file which has info about the location and names of the backups.  Then you boot from the CD and point it to the SDR file and all the backups are visible.  However, you cannot simply select the C drive to recover - it's all or nothing.  The check boxes next to the drives to restore are all greyed out.

So, I make backups of the drives and don't select the SDR option.. This creates backup sets with all the drives, the System State, C drive, etc - looks good.

Then I boot from the CD and low and behold, these backups are not listed because they're not part of the DR file because they arent' SDR backups!!!!

So, I restart my HP machine and let it boot up normally ( because I installed the Windows O/S to get around the EFI partition issue) and then create a restore job to do a "Complete online restore of a computer, or restore system components" and select the C: drive and the System state.  This runs and says it completes ok.  All the files and folders and directorys are there from the IBM machine - it all looks the same.  However, none of the programs run because they haven't been "installed"...

I try the same restore using the "Files, Folders or volumes" option from the restore wizard - same result...

How do I restore just a C: drive ( or System State ) image and have it functional

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Colin Weaver's picture

You can still do a manual DR with BE 2012

So backup the original machine (with or without SSP enabled)

Install the OS on the new machine, install the Backup Exec remote agent for windows into that new machine and the create restore jobs for whatever you need.

Bear in mind that if you restore the system state, this can contain driver references that might be linked to the original hardware so you might need to do some cleaning up. Similarly if you don't restore the system state as it may contain configuration information for specific applications you may have to re-install those applications as well.

Also the process is still possible when the machine is a Backup Exec media server, just a little more complicated.

If you really want restore anywhere capability then I would suggest looking at Symantec System Recovery

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Thanks for the reply Colin

I did everything you suggested - I installed the OS, restored the C drive and then restored the System State, and ended up with a machine that looked the same - C: drive had all the same files and folders, but none of the services for my applications would start.   So, having to re-install all those apps kind of defeats the purpose - it basically means I have to build the machine from scratch because the restore doesn't work unless it's a DR restore which I can't do because of the machine difference.  This used to work beautifully with BE 2010 - really disappointed in this new product. 

What is Symantec System Recovery?  Is that new?  Do I have to buy it or does it come with BE2012?



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Symantc System Recovery is the current name for what was formerly known a both Backup Exec System Recovery or Live State Recovery

It is a completely separate product as it is a block/image level backup instead of a file system product as such no it does not come with BE 2012, but might do a better job with what you are trying to achieve.

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Having a similar issue while testing disaster recovery of our primary (physical) servers in a lab environment. Our exchange server has an EFI partition which is preventing the typical SDR method from working.

I'm currenlty writing up a disaster recover plan starting with the BE server then domain controller followed by exchange but now I'm wondering if I'd be better off planning on converting and recovering these physical machines to a VM in a disaster situation to avoid this EFI issue. Why wouldn't BE allow you to exclude the EFI partition from recovery?

Would the EFI partition have an effect on restoring my exchange server to VM?