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BE2012 SQL

Created: 09 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Hi everyone, well after the problems with DR yesterday I decided to look into IDR and it worked really well to be honest, so I looked into purchasing it to work with our BE2010 R3, sadley I was told by our licencing company that we can no longer purchase IDR and to upgrade to BE 2012 as SDR was included in the package.

To my suprise the school already have a licence for BE2012 but the previous tecnician was unsure what to do so never installed it, to cut a long story short I upgraded BE2010 to BE2012 and everything seems to be ok, but in the job log it had 2 statements that seemed to contradict themselves,

The first was telling me that as I am backing up full blown SQL to use Backup Exec Agent for Micrsoft SQL

The second was to use Backup Exec Agent Applications and Databases to manage the SQL data.

Are the same thing or different ??? Do I really need them ??? Is there an added advantage to useing them if it came to restoring data ???

Tnaks in advance.

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The SQL Agent was used to backup data from the SQL server in earlier versions of Backup Exec (pre 2010). In Be 2012, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, etc agents are clubbed together as "Application and Database" Licence. This is what you need if you are backing up SQL Server.

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Thank you for that but just an added question will that also backup virtual machines or is that a separate agent ??? as I am thinking of utilising the fact that BE2012 can create a backup then backup to VM as well.

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Virtualization Agent is seperate and  backs up both HyperV and VMWare. It is better to contact Licencing team for more information. Here is the number -

Also, if this is more of a virtualized setup, try the VRay edition. Here are some blogs providing information

But again, licencing team should be able to provide a more accurate information about your needs.

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we can no longer purchase IDR

IDR is included free in BE since BE 11 if I remember correctly.  It is part of BE 2010.  You just have to enable it.

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I did enable it but the version we were running was 10 R3 quickstart edition and you only get a 30 day trial of IDR with it.

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There are a lot of disabled features in the quickstart edition.  You got upgrade to the full edition to get back these features.