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BE2012 SQL Restore extreme slow (2MB/min) , Backup was 100 MB/min

Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 15 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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have a IPSec Tunnel with Port 10000 and Dynamic Ports for SQL Backup for two Windows Servers. The WAN Line has 10MBit.

BE 2012 SP1a with all Hotfix is getting the Backup from a Windows 2008 with SQL 2008 Std. with a speed of 160MB/min.

The Restore with BE 2012 SP1a to a different Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Server with SQL 2012 Express CU2 is realy slow, about 2MB/min.

A Normal SQL 2012 CU2 Expres Backup from the Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter will run with 50MB/min.

Why is the Backup so slow?

I need to restore 2 GB of Data, but with 2MB/min it will take to long!

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...writing to disk is always going to be slower than reading from it. Do a test copy of data from the media server to the remote server to check how fast the copy will run.

Alternatively, do a redirected installation to disk on the media server, and then copy that data to the remote site!


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The Backup is written on Disk on the media Server.

The SQL Restore is reading from Media Disk to the remote Server.
But the speed is ridiculous.

SQL Restore and File Restore to the Remote Machine through the 10MBit Line is weak, about 1-2MB/min.

Is there any other way to speed this up?


is IPSec Calculation stressing the weak CPU in the media server (Intel G6950/4GB)?

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Hi after a while the backuprate climbs to 40-50MB/min ...

So the speed is only fast at the end (average speed).

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Hi CraigV,

i did a restore to a local sql server and the speed is about 1700MB/min.

The speed to the remote server through ipsec can´t depend on read/write speed from the disc.
The speed of 1MB-30MB(at the end) has to do something with IPSec, ISP, SQL Agent and Dynamic Ports, etc...

Are there any recommendations of the ports used from BE2012 for a restore of data?


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...port 10000 must be open, and any AV running on the target server mustn't be scanning the BE services. If so, put in an exclusion for them.

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port 10000 was open.

the problem is solved now.

the backup server had his nic connected to 1GBit Switch Port with jumbo frames enabled, but the nic doesn´t support 9000.

IPSec doesn´t work with incorrect MTU.

on a different switch the restore rate is up to 50-60MB/min.