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BE2012 still creates huge BEX*.XML Files (145GB), SYMANTEC doesn´t care about bugs ...

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 23 Oct 2012 | 12 comments


i still have jobs running for ever and the backup is not working properly.

Most of the time, when this bug occurs, the backup exec engine is not responging,
a restart of the service doesn´t work.

I always need to kill the engine.

In this situation i always found huge BEX*.XML Files in the symantec backup exec subfolder.
the last one had 145GB in size and it would have been bigger if the disk would have more space.

With these files in place it´s not possible to restart the services.
After i move these files to a tmp folder, everything looks fine.

I had 2 cases open, but symantec wasn´t able to find the problem at all.

Anyone with more information for this obvius bug?


the job logs are configured for Summary information only

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Hi Juergen,

Make sure that any AV on that media server isn't perhaps scanning the BE services, and if need-be, the BE installation directory. also try running a repair of the BE installation.


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there is no AV installed.

It´s Windows 2008 R2 and Symantec Backup Exec 2012 SP1a and 3 Hotfixes at all.

It´s still a BUG within the product and a Repair installation of BE has been done the last time (25.09).
I had this a few weeks ago and the support technican wasn´t able to identify the problem.

I asked him if it would help to delete the huge file and wasn´t shure if this would help.

After we tried this the service and backup exec was running again.

But the bug is still not resolved.

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Check the Known Issues section to see if this is listed, but I haven't seen anybody else post this as a bug. Could be something related to your environment only.

That said, reopen the case with Symantec and get them to escalate the call to a higher techie...I will hit the support flag here too.

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i will raise a call (had this done in the past, will do this now).

Is there any chance to read the content of such a file?
Notepad ++ and scintilla quite the job with a 5GB XML File...

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Yes it is, but I am sure it will crash your server. That's a seriously large file.

That said, you might be able to get away with simply deleting it.

Just 1 thing...did the techie get you to stop your BE services, rename your Data/Catalogs folders, and then restart the BE services to recreate those 2 folders? Shouldn't be a problem to do this if you are testing the software... 

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Hi Craig,

testing    angry , i try to use the product for the last 6 month for productive use ...

It´s still not reliable. If all is fine, such things happen. on Saturday or Midnight...

Yes we stopped the BE service and renamed the Data/Catalog folders.
But with the old folder (and the huge file sill inside) the service won´t start at all.


this is not a seriously large file (5GB), the last XML from yesterday is 145GB !!
And it´s only so small, because the disc was full!

I will try to use XML Studio 2012, they claim to read XML files larger than 4GB, even 1TB files...

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I mangaged to read the XML files with XML Studio 2012….

The Agent or Backup Exec SQL is not able to timeout if there is an error with a sql database and tries to query the source database for ever.

The logfiles are filled till the end of the file with this information …

</OperationErrors><OperationErrors Type="db_query_failure"><CED><ced_disp_text>V-79-65323-3049</ced_disp_text><ced_version>14.0.1798</ced_version><ced_module>eng-sql2-backup</ced_module><ced_error>V-79-65323-3049</ced_error><ced_language>DE</ced_language><ced_build>Retail</ced_build><ced_os>Windows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x110_PT-0x3</ced_os></CED> -

Fehler bei Anfrage an Datenbank wpserver_master.

wpserver_master is a database on the source (client) server!


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...and did they get you to do a comprehensive repair of the BEDB as per the TN below:


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Yes, we did a repair.
This didn´t help.

The XML Files are not currupted or filled with carbage.

The problem seems to be a buggy agent (sql related).

I could read the 145GB XML File now and it´s full with the same error log.

Type="error"><CED><ced_disp_text>V-79-65323-3049</ced_disp_text><ced_version>14.0.1798</ced_version><ced_module>eng-sql2-backup</ced_module><ced_error>V-79-65323-3049</ced_error><ced_language>DE</ced_language><ced_build>Retail</ced_build><ced_os>Windows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x110_PT-0x3</ced_os></CED> - BACKUP detected corruption in the database log. Check the errorlog for more information.

How can i tell backup exec to cancel the backup of a database if there is an error with a SQL Database Log.

Is it possible to set a timeout with a specific duration?

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...I'd be lying to you. Might be worthwhile asking that of the techie when they call you back. I DO know that you can set a job cancellation if it doesn't finish in a specific period of time...might not necessarily be what you're looking for though.

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you are right,

there is an option to cancel the job if it is still running for x hours after it´s scheduled start.

But i need an option to cancel the current database backup if there is a log file corruption!

But the corrution is not detected by an dbcc check {db} query at all!

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...never seen a point-in-backup type of cancellation option. Add it to the Ideas section...

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