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BE2012 & Template Rules??

Created: 07 Mar 2012 • Updated: 28 Mar 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, just upgraded to BE2012 from BE2010 and initial views are very positive. The only issue I have is that I have just setup some new backup jobs that will run daily, weekly and monthly and I cannot see a way to setup template / job rules.

In BE2010 doing this via a policy allowed you to create a rule which said "if start time conflicts monthly backup superseeds weekly backup" etc. Looking around in BE2012 this isn't available.

to get around this I have set the following job priorities:

Monthly = highest

Weekly = high

Daily = medium

Does this do the same time?

Would appreciate some help :)



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Nick Elmer's picture


Try the following:

1. End of week task for the job.

2. End of month task for the job.

3. End of year task for the job.

The least infrequent task will take prioity if they are all scheduled at the same time and same day. Its an internal rule thats not as obvious as it should be.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply.

Could you explain your suggestion a bit more as not obvious to me what you are suggesting - sorry.


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Sure Pete,

If I understood your question, then the following will help clarify. If not, let me know! :)

In 2012, you can have multiple tasks within a job. I've added a screenshot below which should help. You will see that I have three "FULL" tasks, which are configured to run at the same time, on potentially the same day. When the collide, the task which runs least frequently will superceed the other tasks. So, my "FULL- End of year" will superceed my "FULL - End of Month", which will superceed my "FULL - End of Week", if they happen to run at the same time on the same day.

Does this help?


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Hi Nick,

:) Thanks for the screenshot! Totally understand what you are saying now!

I currently have multiple jobs setup but now understand that I need the one job with multiple parts.

I'll try again in the morning (UK) and update.

Thanks again.

BE2012 Jobs.png
Rainer Schumacher's picture


may anybody give an advice on how to supersede a Daily Differential Backup if this Job collied with a Full Backup Job (pls. see attachment).

Also is it possible to configure the weekly job to reset the archive bit wether the other FullBackups will not alter the archive bit.

Thanx in advance


PS I'm missing the good old Policies, Templates and Rules :-)

31-03-2012 01-04-04.jpg