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BE2012 (V14.0 Rev.1798 (64Bit)) invisible copy jobs...

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

Hello everyone,

   I've just another frustrating problem: if it's necessary to do a copy job by "Backup and Restore" --> "job progress" --> context menu --> copy you can configure all necessary optiones and start the job... but after it, I can't find the job nowhere but below shown by a small symbol that says that where is a job active! If I want to stop or abort the job I can't... Did anybody know a solution?

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Click on the  View All Jobs button on the button bar to show all the jobs.

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Hi there, not sure if you are also the customer that has an open support case with us  (In the EMEA region) for a similar issue, but I just did a quick test and noticed that although the duplicate job status is difficult to find, it is possible to find it.

My notes from what I saw follow:

I reproduced the issue and noticed a few things

  1. When you create a one off duplicate job it is seen as a Storage Job and not a Backup and Restore Job so you do need to be in the Storage Tab (Which unfortunately does not have a Show All Jobs button)
  2. When I looked in the Storage Tab with my job still running, I opened up the properties of the busy tape drive and found no jobs were listed in the job list
  3. However if I opened up the properties of the library object that contains the tape drive the duplicate job status was listed in the jobs list there (I did send my duplicate job to the library and not specifically the tape drive in the library)

As such you might need to check all the possible storage devices for the status of the running duplicate. You might also need to check whether you sent the duplicate to a specific tape drive or a specific library object as it is possible this affects where the job status appears  ( I did a second test to send the duplicate to a specific drive in the library and the job status then seemed to show up against both the library and the tape drive - still in the storage tab)