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BE2012 - VMware/vCenter plugin without any servers

Created: 23 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi there!

I was testing the BackupExec 2012 plugin für vCenter / VMware but couldn't get it working nor any real information regarding this product.

The problem is, that none of my VM, that I'm backing up via BackupExec / vCenter appears inside of the plugin.
According to the plugin none of my servers is protected - which is strange, because the backups are working (more ore less) fine.

I'm working with VMware ESXi 4.1 with vCenter 4.1 and BE2012 - a supported solution.

Does anyone hae experience with this plugin? Is it working at all ?

Thx for your help


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Would you pls confirm if the plugin version which you are using is 2.1 or not ?

Secondly, if the 2.1 plugin is installed, were backups run post the plugin install ?


You can find more information regarding this plugin @

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Thx for you fast reply.

1. Yes - the version 2.1 of the plugin is installed

2. The plugin is freshly installed - does the state / the monitored servers page change only after backups ?

If that's the problem I'll update this thread tomorrow.



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Yes, that's right. The status changes post plugin install & subsequent backups.