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BE2012 work with BE2010 RAWS

Created: 07 May 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 6 comments
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I have a new environment with a BE APPLIANCE 3600 r2, running BE 2012 and I'm trying to protect a few servers with Windows 2000. As you may know this OS version is not supported anymore by BE2012, but it was by BE2010, so I manually installed the agent on those servers hoping that BE2012 could work with BE2010 R3 agents... But I'm getting an error when I try to add those BE2010 client to the media server.
I'm using the option "add server" in the backup&restore window.... The wizard makes by default a validation and after it detects the OS version, it failed.

Do you have any ideas how to make it works?

I really appreciate any help. Thanks!!

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        Unfortunately Backup exec 2012 does not support windows 2000. While installing the 2010 agent was a great effort and while the 2012 software can communicate with the 2010 agent. It is still B.E. 2012 that is backing up the O.S. and or data that lies there on. As you mentioned this O.S. version is unsupported. 

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In order to give a alternative to our client in the meantime of those servers are updated or the apps are migrated, is there any workaround we can apply this time?
In the SCL pag 45, it says:
"2. Backup Exec 2010, 2010 R2 or 2010 R3 can be used in a rolling upgrade configuration with older Agent versions during the upgrade process. A warning message will be displayed in the job log when older Agents are used but backups and restores can continue normally. New features will be disabled until the Agent has been upgraded to the same version as the Backup Exec server."
Based on this note I thought it was possible to connect the Be2012 with BE2010 remotes agent but I don't find the way to do it. 
Is anyone out there who has done it before?
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B.E. 2012 cand and will connect and communicate with the 2010 agent When you say that the connection to the remote agent fails "what exactly is it that youre seeing". I see that youre trying to add the server through the add server button.Try Opening the remote agent on the server 2000 box select the publishing tab and add the media server click apply and ok then restart services on the Media server. Verify that you see the machine in the servers list view, right click and establish trust. See document below

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Yes I was using the "add sever" option and this wizard always makes a validation. As result of that validation the I got the message: "this version of windows does not meet the requerimients"

I also tried to add a Windows server in the way you suggested. I verified the RAWS is published to the MS, and restarted the RAWS, then I restarted the BE MS services, after that the Win2000 server is not listed in the console :(

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In BE 2012, because of the major changes in functionality we had to take a decision that for products that are End-of-Life there will be "No support for Backup or Restore of the feature" This does not mean specifically no support becasse the new agent will not run on the Operating system - hence the messages you are seeing are valid as Windows 2000 is end of life against BE 2012.

The rolling upgrade statements are there to allow you to use older agents to give yourself time to complete the upgrade to the newer agents, however the environment being protected by the agent itself (in this case the operating system) still has to be supported by teh media server.

If you are only worried about some data files held on Windows 2000, then you might be able to stop and disable the remote agent serveice on your Windows 2000 system and then open up a Windows share to the area of the disk that holds the data and then setup a share level backup to protect the files. This process will not handle database technology (with the exception that you could dump SQL to file first), open files or incremental backups properly and will not give a DR capability for the whole of the server.

If you want a DR operation then you could migrate the physical machines into some kind of virtualization technology and then do GRT disabled backups to give you a DR capability.

EDIT: After a quick brainstorm with a colleague we came up with another idea.

Use NT  Backup inside the operating system to backup the system itself to some kind of disk storage - and then use Backup Exec to backup the disk storage (might be a slightly fiddly restore but would at least give you options.

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Thanks a lot Collin!

The alternative of share level backup works fine. 

I followed this technote to conf the backup:

Indeed, after the server was added successfully as File Server, the RAWS BE2010 (installed and publised previously), works.