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BE2014 SDR failes to restore with UEFI base system

Created: 12 Jun 2014 | 7 comments

I have IBM Xseries 3650 M4 server with windows 2008 R2. I made its Full Backup with BE2014 Remote Agent , I then created SDR boot cd, booted from it, and did full restore (Same hardware) , after the restore complete, and it reboot, it give me message "Boot failedangry

Somewhere in symantec article, I read that for UEFI bios system, I have to first install the windows, deploy agent in it, and do full restore using B.E gui management.

Is it true ?

(I posted this thread 3rd time, last 2 post seems to be gone in trash , i dun't know why)

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Verbatim from

  • SDR supports recovering computers that use the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) standard. However, backups of UEFI-based computers cannot be restored to standard BIOS-based computers.


    UEFI computers use GPT-style disks. MBR-style disk data cannot be restored to GPT-style disk, and vice versa.

    For computers that support both UEFI and BIOS firmware types, you must start the computer using UEFI firmware if you backed up the computer in that mode.

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You need to create the UEFI partition first.  See this document

Although it is for IDR, it is equally relevant to SDR.

You also need to boot in UEFI mode, not BIOS mode.

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Creating the UEFI partition manually is not required first as SDR is compatible with UEFI backups/restores.

I would recommend to have a look @ this post as well which may assist you further -

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I have no issue with SDR booting (as showed in the article link you provided)

In my case SDR is booting fine, detecting the hard disk drives , but after restore is done, and system reboots, windows boots fine. but then again if the system is rebooted , only cursor is blinking and not loading any thing.

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Was the second reboot automatic/forced or manual ? Do you receive any error message or just a blank screen with the cursor blinking ?

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The second reboot was forced by me. then all I can see is a blanks screen with cursor blinkng ....

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You probably may have to run a BCD repair and/or OS repair.