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BEDAT zero result

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi all, after using BEDAT application it shows 0%,i guess it cant be true,so i want to ask ur help and thoughts about this situation

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See if the requirements are met per this post ~

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Dedup assessment failed on C:\ and D:\ on FI-TECH server according to the screenshot you attached.

Check the status of vss writers using "Vssadmin list writers". If any issues found resolve them before running BEDAT tool again! 

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IBM Blade Сервер HS22, Xeon 4C E5640 80W 2.66GHz/1066MHz/12MB, 3x2GB

Windows 2008R2, also try do this on windows 7(out of BE).

Vssadmin list writers all ok here.

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Have a look @ this doc ~

It lists the pre-requisites...If they are all met, there is a section towards the end which mentions how to debug the tool & email the results to a specific team for may want to try this.