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BEMCLI: add task with notification

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 3 comments


How to add a task with Add-BEIncrementalBackupTask which sends a notification about the job status? On the Backup Exec GUI it is possible to select a recipient who is going to receive by mail the termination status of the job.

Thank you for your help


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Flemingkris's picture

I am afraid that you cannot add notification recipient for any task from BEMCLI. But is possible to select a recipient from GUI. Refer the below articles,

How to setup SMTP Email Notifications in Backup Exec 2012:
BE_KirkFreiheit's picture

Hi Stefan,

Flemingkris is correct -- this is one feature missing from BEMCLI in Backup Exec 2012. If you edit your notifiction recipients via the UI, rest assured that BEMCLI will leave them unchanged.

I am the chief developer for BEMCLI at Symantec, and welcome your feedback -- what problems is BEMCLI helping you solve? What are the stengths and weaknesses of BEMCLI in your environment and within your personal workflow? How important as PowerShell become in your day-to-day job?

While there are over 200 cmdlets in BEMCLI, I am tracking everything we've missed and am actively working on filling the gaps. Your input directly helps me prioritize the most important features.

-Kirk out.

Stefan von Kaenel's picture

Hi Kirk

We have more than 20 different backup job definitions and it is going be more. Now my problem is how to maintain all of them.
If we want to change a parameter I do not want to edit so many jobs manually and not knowing whether I missed one.
So I decided to create a powershell script with functions for all of my different jobs. This way I am sure all jobs are up to date.

Now you see it would be good to select a recipient via powershell. For me it is not important to edit the list of recipients with powershell.

It also would be good to have a copy function for job definitions. I have other questions and comments about Backup Exec 2012 but let us start with this.

Thank you for your help