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BEMCLI Command to list VMware VM Jobs

Created: 27 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

I am trying to get some info out of BE using BEMCLI and with physical servers I can run:

Get-BEAgentServer -Name "Server" | Get-BEJob

And I get what I need.

However, when I try:

Get-BEAgentServer -Name "MY_VCetner_Server"

It returns null. So I assume that my VCenter server is not technically an "agent server" but then what is it? How do I get any info about it using BEMCLI? I have given this project too much time already all because I cannot seem to figure out how to get all jobs associated with my VCenter server.

The jobs do show up when I do Get-BEJob, but there isnothing in there about if the job is a VM Job or not. Am I mising something or is this just another place where BEMCLI just isn't complete?

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I noticed a type-o and can't find an edit button on these forums. Anyway, what I meant was running:

Get-BEAgentServer -Name "MY_VCetner_Server" | Get-BEJob

Returns null. Also piping to Get-BEBackupDefnintion returns null.

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Try Get-BEJob -Name "vCenter Job"

or try Get-BEJob -Name "vCenter Job" | format-list *  (which will return a bit more detailed info.)

This would return an output similar to the one Get-BEAgentServer -Name "Server" | Get-BEJob for remote servers. However, this output does not indicate specifically if its a VM or a physical job.