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BEMCLI vs Be2012 Restore option

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 10 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

The Problem

I am working with the BEMCLI library and particular running the Submit-BEFileSystemRestoreJob -and- noticed a rather nasty side effect.

When I do a restore inside the BE2012 program and send my output to a VHD I do not get promped to format the drive every time it creates a mount point. 

In the powershell (with BE commands extended) OR even in the regular BEMCLI I get prompted to format the drive that stores the VHD from windows explorer.

Pretty scarey since I am only storing a VHD file on the E: drive - but yet I am being asked to format the entire E: drive. 

I have read every message board article I can find covering this topic and am stuck.  There is no way known to block the prompt other than a systray Autoit window watcher script.

So far I have tried a lot of things written by some very misguided authors

  • Turning off all auto-play functionality
  • Turning off automount (in powershell prior to creating the VHD)
  • Running the Powershell script in Hidden Mode

Any known work arounds? 

Runnnig 64 bit BE 2012 on Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit.  


The Complaint!

I of course want to run this as a post run command to get around some of the major incompabilities the virtualization engine has with certain machines. 

BTW If I could edit the VHD's it were to write too,  instead of worrying about every drive configuration when restoring them in SDR mode - it would save a huge amount of headache!!!   For software based RAIDS / dynamic disks / Sans connected machines.  Why should a sans connected disk throw off an entire virtulization option for a machine if I only want one drive on that machine.

If you ever want some SERIOUS suggestion for this interface esp on the virtualization side - please ask away !! ;)

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MadcowInUT's picture

Found out through much testing that my eniviornment that was causing it. Will rebuild it and see if I can find the source.