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BEMCMD syntax for ready, no idle device backup job status

Created: 03 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

Hi All,

I'am new to symantec forums, we have been trying to setup a batch file for BE2010/12.5 using BEMCMD for cancelling all backup jobs at specific time, i got it working with help from below link for active jobs..but am not able to find a way to cancel the job which are in queue state...i would apperiate if anyone can help me with ready, no idle device syntax so that use it in batch file provided by sten.

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Are there pending alerts associated with the queued jobs?

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There is no way to get the queued status from BEMCMD, so what you are trying to do is not possible.

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If the ability to cancel that type of job is not available in the admin console, then I don't think you can cancel it from the command line.

I just checked iin BE 2012 and Ready, No Idle Devices does not allow the cancel option in the admin console - it is greyed out. What this actually means the job has not started yet hence you cannot cancel it as it has not started.

BTW if anyone wants to see this for themselves just pause a B2D device and then send a run now job to the same device.

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the replies... @Colin...i have the script for 2012 which can actually cancel all jobs wthr they are running or queued at specific time by querying job 2012 get-bejob command for both running as well queued job show status as "Active"...i wish symantec should have differentiated the status for both...however we just used "Active" status to cancel the jobs.

@pkh...anyway i can loop below script until it cancel all backup jobs.

bemcmd -o11 -i > D:\current.txt
FOR /F "tokens=3,4 delims= " %B IN ('findstr /i "Job" D:\current.txt') DO bemcmd -o20 -i%B


our main objective is to auto cancel the jobs at specific time and auto send a customized email to site contact for inserting tape...we are doing this specifically for standalone tape drive media servers.

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Yes.  Your script will work.  

However, you don't need a script to do automatic cancellation.  You can set it in the job itself.

BE 2010 - automatic job cancellation.png

For BE 2012, you can use this for automatic cancellation

BE 2012 - cancel job within 1 hour.png

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Thnx a lot pkh... i was aware of this option..however wanted to script the job cancel part because we wanted to club both job cancel task as well as sending customized email to site contact in single script, we managed to do that in 2012..if there is no way to loop our script for 2010 which i mentioned in earlier comments then i guess using GUI is the only option left...i will try that and update how it works..

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Our aim to create a batch schedule which cancels the Jobs and sends an automated email at specific Time.But, I was stuck at sending an automated email notification with customized message(for 2010)...can you help me with any cmd commands for setting up email notification.

If the backup Jobs cancels then it should trigger an email.