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BESR 2010 Offsite Copy: Old copies not deleting

Created: 28 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
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I have set up a backup with Offsite Copy enabled.  It's going to a 1 TB external hard drive.  However, I can't seem to figure out a way to make BESR delete the old backups...  We have 5 full backups dating back to 4/9/2012, all over 150 GB, with incrementals in between that are 20-40 GB each.

Is there any way I can set a retention policy for this?


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Chris Riley's picture

Old copies not being deleted but where - the primary or offsite location? Or both?

Is there any way I can set a retention policy for this?

Yes, you specify this in the backup job (see setting for 'Limit the number of recovery point sets saved for this backup').

Panurgy Support's picture

They are not being deleted off the offsite location.

EDIT:  The job is set to keep two recovery point sets at maximum.

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So I assume they are being correctly deleted at the primary location then?

Also, what service-pack level are you running (check in Help/About for version details).

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Yes - there are 2 .v2i files, with some incremental (I assume - not very experienced with BESR, as you can probably tell, haha) .iv2i files as well.

I am running version

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Can you provide a screenshot (from windows explorer) that shows both the primary and offsite locations? We need to be able to see filenames and date/timestamps of the files.

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You can see that the sync between the primary and offsite has been working as the set # goes from 86 to 105 to 110 etc. Looks like an intermittent problem.

As you are on 9.0.1 (old), I would suggest installing SP5 (9.0.5):

This does require a reboot, even if it does not prompt you to.

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Okay, sounds good.  I'll install that.

Does this mean that I should be able to get rid of the 86, 105, 110, and 114 backups from the offsite drive without messing anything up?  Should I do that manually?  Shouldn't BESR do that for me?

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Yes, you can remove them manually if you like.

Yes, BESR should do it automatically. Isn't that the whole purpose of your post on these forums..? wink

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It certainly is!  Haha.

I'll remove those manually, then.  Thanks!