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BESR 7.0

Created: 05 Mar 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 8 comments

I see some random threads talking about version 7.0, anyone have a link to any information available on the product?

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Hi Michael,
I believe version 7.0 is still in late beta and hasn't yet been released.  This is likely why not much information is available via the web.
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About this, I has been heard it will release at 4/17.
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Has this been confirmed yet?  We are getting problems with BESR working fine for a week then stopping until the server is restarted.  Rumor has it that this is solved in the next big release so i'm desperate for the new version!
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You can now find information about BESR 7.0 on the web site, but I think that product will be available after 25. april 2007. - this is sales channel information.
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Vladimir Vucinic
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Product homepage is

and now you can download trial version.

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For those of us with service agreements etc. that entitle us to the new version, when can we download it??

Also, do we have to get new license keys, and if so, how do we get them?? Same old excessively complicated process??

Thank you, Tom

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Yury Urbanovich wrote:
Product homepage is

and now you can download trial version.

Message Edited by Yury Urbanovich on 04-19-200706:01 PM

I downloaded the trial version but had a couple questions...

I noticed the "File and Folder" backup area is new but I can't seem to find where to set that up. The only thing I can do is backup the entire drive. Is this a limitation of the trial or am I just missing something?

Also, I spoke to a symantec rep a few weeks ago and they mentioned a centralized console - from what I see however, you can still only connect to one client at a time. Is this because I downloaded the Desktop Edition? Does the Server Edition allow you to manage jobs on multiple clients running Desktop Edition?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Kyle,
To my knowledge, the file/folder backup feature of BESR 7.0 is available even if  you are using a trial version of the product.
If you only received the desktop or server version of BESR 7.0, then the centralized management console was not included.  It is a separate component of the product, on separate installation media.  The stand alone desktop or server product still contains the 1-to-1 management console, as you mentioned.