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BESR lab setup

Created: 25 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
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I need to do some exercises with BESR before a real situation come into being. I have an old server Dell 1650 (two disk and RAID 5 config) The SW/config is: Windows 2000, Active Directory, DNS and a domain which is called Thor.

We also have some critical servers which is backed up with BESR. I wondered is it possible to "recover" the old server with a backup file from the critical servers in production (without intervention)? All I want to test is the restore process. Assume I need to reboot the old servers after a restore. If this is the case, then I can disconnect the cable.

Another solution could be to backup the old-server on the mediaserver, and next restore the SW/config into the old-server. The problems is DNS name (which is identical + Active Directory Config).

Need some hints., since I want to be prepared for the future

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Has one of the disks in your RAID 5 configuration died, or is this really a RAID 1 or RAID 0 configuration?  If a RAID 5 member has died,, then I wouldn't use the old server for testing until either a third disk becomes available, or you reconfigure the the RAID for an approriate config for two drives.

Please refer to this post which I commented on earlier:

You can store your server images on a network location, but only boot your target computer in the production environment from the System Recovery Disk (SRD) CD.  When the recovery process is finished, disconnect it fro the production enviroment, and connect it to your lab environment.  You can then boot the recovered system without affecting you production environment

You should always test recovered systems separate from your production network, especially if the system is either a domain controller or mail server.  If you must run a recovered, non domain controller or mail server in a production environment for testing purposes, then sysprep the unit and give it another name.  It will be less troublesome.

An inexpensive switch or hub works well enough for a lab environment..  It is good that you have a server class unit to test with, but you can also use Workstation class computers for lab systems.   The restores will not be as complicated, but you'll get practice with the mechanics of the recovery process.  I also tend to buy my replacement servers unconfigured, so that I can test a recovery to disimilar server class hardware from time to time.