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BESR Questions on System Recovery Disk

Created: 28 Apr 2014 • Updated: 05 May 2014 | 2 comments
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Hi all

Hoping someone out there can help.

I need to virtulise a server which has some REAL issues. Standard VMware converter and VMware Cold Clone boot disks fail. The problem appears to be the Microsoft VSS Service on the affected server.

I am considering the BESR Recovery disk as an alternative, (I have tried the BESR local software install, which still fails due to VSS being totally goosed)

And as the BESR trial does not allow for Cold clones i cant test it.

Question is this:-

Does the BESR Recovery Disk method of running a p2v, In any way communicate with or rely on the Microsoft VSS service. ????

Bit of a long shot i know but any imput is appreaciated before i put my hand in my pocket



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TRaj's picture

Does the BESR Recovery Disk method of running a p2v, In any way communicate with or rely on the Microsoft VSS service. ????

Yes BESR depends on Microsoft VSS provider service, thus if the VSS writers would fail, the BESR backups fails.

You can try to reboot the server , run command "vssadmin list writers" and check if the writers are stable, if the writers are stable , you may get a successful backup or a p2v conversion

The p2v conversion usually depends on ASR writer and creates a dump file to perform the conversion. Thus if the ASR writer fails the conversion would fail.

Hope this helps !

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paul-123's picture

Hey there thanks for that,

I have seen the BSER Boot CD "Cold Clone" CD sucessfully convert otherwise impossible servers in the past.

In this instance (be it VSS or the ASR Writer) which is terminal the box has had it it would seem; and im not going to play around too much on a production Server.

I had already done all the normal fixes for List Writers and a few others all came back good, but a windows based VSS snapshot still canned with an event log full of red VSS errors.

Looks like its FUBAR and a rebuild is going to be the order of the day, Oh well over to the Windows, SQL and Web teams :)

cheers for the info.