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BESR Still running 1second

Created: 29 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
Hi everybody,

I have a problem with BESR 7.01 .
The restore operation seems to work well but at the end is still running with the following screen displayed :

Restore operation 1 second left .
preparing and formatting system.

The process doesn't stop .

I'm restoring a windows 2000 server on a different server . It's not the first time I do an similar operation .
It's not a domain controller .

Who know why ?

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It sounds as if it is having a hard time either finishing up the retargeting portion of the restore, or attempting to pass from the retargeting portion to where it completes by touching up and closing out of the drive process before the restore session finishes. Typically this is driver related. If you had already use the ALT-TAB option to see if a window prompting you to do something is ‘not’ hiding behind the main menu window, and you prepare the drive prior to your restore attempt by wiping out any pre-existing partitions and the first track using the utilities off of the restore CD (then rebooting before attempting to restore to reinitialized the disk array), then consider the suggestions/questions listed below.

What are the make and model of the source system the recovery point images were originally created from and the make and model of the destination system?

Did you use from the main menu, ‘Load a driver,’ option to load a mass storage controller driver to properly see the disk array in the first place? If you did you may want to check the firmware requirements for the use of that driver or try another driver.

If you are not loading a driver, using instead the driver built-in to the recovery CD, and you have already tried using an updated build recovery restore CD, on your next restore attempt, hold down the CTRL key when selecting the Restore Anyware option. Later, when it prompts you for the mass storage controller and network interface card driver, see what devices are being presented both by their name and PCI/VEN number. Then browse to the DDB sub-folder found on the driver letter assigned to the restore CD in the recovery environment, and see if you can find that specific make/model driver. If you do, check the date and version of the driver provided. See if then a newer version of the driver can be applied, or if a specific firmware of the controller is needed.

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I just had something similar happen to me.  I'm running 7.03 and trying to restore to dissimilar hardware. This is a preparedness drill running on spare hardware.
I decided to restore one of my servers (W2003 Standard Ed SP2 running on a Dell 2950) to different hardware (a Dell R900) to see how it went.
It got to 99% completed and popped up a message that it wanted me to load the "Recovery Disk". Well... the disk was already in the machine so I said OK, got the same message. When I cancelled it complained about not being able to find/load the Driver Database but otherwise it went back to the main screen.
I then did a recovery on the D volume, it went without a hitch.
However, at reboot time about 15 seconds after the windows splash screen appeared the system reboots.
All in the name of research. Not sure whats happening yet or how it's related but I'm researching.