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Besr7 DR wobble

Created: 27 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

Hi all,

Over the last weekend I tried migrating one of our DC's to new hardware using besr7 Restore anywhere, it rebuilt the machine fine and it booted correctly however when I connected it to the domain all hell broke loose. The new DC appeared to be in its own little island, It would not replicate with the other existing DC in the domain GPO data in sysvol was missing and browsing file shares by unc would not work (\\servername\share would produce the target account name is incorrect, whilst browsing \\serverIP\share would work ok). various other niggly things were not working either. as I did this just to upgrade a DC is just replugged in the old and am planning to do the upgrade the slow way by installing a new instance, dcpromo and then install the other bits n bobs that the server does.

Now this has got me thinking the company I work for (I have not been here long), rely on besr7 for backups, should we loose the building and have to start recovering the domain on new hardware I am now really worried that the domain will simply not work have have to be built from essentially scratch.

I also found it quite annoying that I cannot seem to just restore incremental changes from the set, for instance my backup set of the DC had the base backup then about 1GB's worth of changes in the incremental, however when restoring the incremental it wanted to use the base image as well and restore all of that. Have I missed a button or something so I can just recover the incremental data. At the moment I would not trust besr7 for anything other than the odd "ooops I've deleted that really important document" type situations.

Kind Regards


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Andreas Horlacher's picture

Dale - I would recommend downloading and testing SSR 2011. Improvements have been made in the way that SSR (formerly BESR) handles the way DC backups and restores are done. Set up a test envrionment and test a disaster recovery. Here is some useful information:

Meanwhile, as you are currently using BESR 7, here is a useful document for your reference with BESR 7:

Andreas Horlacher

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