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Best Approach To Make Software Available

Created: 07 Aug 2014 | 5 comments

ok so in NS6 we had software set to a manual install and could be found double clicking the Altiris Agent. It was set this way when I started working here. We have since gone to NS7.1 and looking towards 7.5 once SSR is supported. With that I can do what we have been and make the software available via the Altiris Agent but it has side effects... so here goes... lets explain..

we image a machine (win7 unattended) where a tech boots off of a thumb drive and installs from network - not my choice but it works...

it installs Altiris as one of the last things it does. We have our Delta Filter update set to 1hr. Techs get MOST of their software from the Altiris Agent and are constantly complaining that McAfee or something isnt available. So I go update filters/policies myself but this is inefficient. So filters update server side 1h and the clients checkin every 4hrs.

I was going to look at using the software portal but we need to be able to report against software installs for audits and the sort so i do not think Software Portal will work for us.

How are you all doing this?

We have 9 sites with local site techs. I am the only Altiris Admin and all others are contractors that run reports. That is pretty much it...


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Your universal software (McAfee etc) should be part of the build job.

Other software should be automatic and policy based, for example Java to all PCs on the 5th floor.

There will be an inevitable time delay just for the Software Management plug-in to be installed.

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that is the problem... the delay.. techs are complaining about the delay as they dont want it... it could be a couple of hours...

on the McAfee in the build, it is more than just the build... we get vendor PC's that we install apps onto in our process. Techs are complaining that we have a new vendor box come in and on our network for a few hrs before it gets AV...

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There's no easy way round it, you can create filters for new PCs based on dates in Basic Inventory and give them accelerated client config request intervals but even thne you're till dependent on your resource pdate intervals and you can't realistically do much about them.

Authorised Symantec Consultant (ASC) with Endpoint Management Limited, an Authorised Symantec Delivery Provider based in the UK.

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Installing the agent is one issue and then making sure that's its checked in and available to use (run tasks, jobs, etc.) and that can be accelerated as there's a Windows scheduled task to help update resource memberships (NS.DeltaResource Membership Update I think). This is usually our only limiting factor. Once the agent can take a task, couldn't you simply have a job for vendor computers which deploys or runs the series of tasks you need so that you're not waiting for the policies to take over. You would do the same for initial deployment as well, just make sure that McAfee is part of the image job to ensure that its there. If changes need to be made, those can happen in policy.

I don't know if that would work for you or not, just a thought.

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