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Best backup for Hyper-V VM in a High Availability Cluster

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

So i'm making backups but whe i test a restore of the VM the thing didn't work ok, so i'm considering reviewing all the backup process of VM machines.

My system is :

2 Enterprise Windows 2008 R2 in cluster with Hyper-V service

so i have  SRVHV01 and SRV02 as the 2 physical machines and SRVHVCL as the cluster virtual node.

Inside the cluster i have the SRVSBS01 and SRVAPP01 the two virtual machines, one is a SBS 2011 Premium with files, exchange and Sharepoint and the other is the SQL Server VM.

i need to backup all these machines with full weekly and incremental daily basis.

I also wanna do exchange backups daily and SQL backups full daily and log hourly.

My question is, do i install the adent inside vm and backup the vm as a normal machine, or do i only install the agent at the hosts and backup the host and VHD files at folder clusterstorage "this way i wasn't able to backup the vhd so far" or even backup the vm by selecting them at the virtual cluster ?????

So many ways to do this but how does the restore process works on them..

What to do ????

In enclosure i will put some pics to my system....

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RobRodrigues's picture

Read the guide but i still have some doubts.

when installing the agent at the two hosts i see the Virtual cluster name and there i can select the VM to backup.

But also i can see in two different places the VM disks :

one is the c:\clusterstorage\volume1\...... where is the VHD

other is the Microsoft Hyper-V HA Virtual Machine where i do have the settings and the VHD dor the VM.

When at the host if deselect the folder clusterstorage i can no longer do a SDR backup is this correct?

At the virtual Cluster namewhat do i have to select to be able to do a fine backup of my VMs ????

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Maybe this would help shed some light on the agent question. Not sure about the cluster portion.

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