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Best compression method

Created: 26 Apr 2013 • Updated: 12 May 2013 | 1 comment
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Please what is the best way compression method ? Hardware or Software ?

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You cannot use hardware compression on a disk storage device, as it is a function of tape hardware.

For the same data selection being backed up, they will both achieve the same compression rate, as the algorithm used for software compression is as near as makes no difference the same one that is used by the hardware.

There could however be a difference in performance. - Easiest way to prove this is to do two tests of the same data one with h/w one with s/w compression.

When testing:

a) make sure you run the tests on at a time

b) make sure no other jobs are running

c) use the same target storage device

d) make sure it is a reasonable amount of data being backed up (i.e. don't just select a few files, select something with a few GB of data and a number of file types)

e) don't select a lot of ZIP, MPEG etc files that are already compressed, they won't compress again