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Best Configuration for Exchange mailbox backup

Created: 22 Jun 2011 | 3 comments

i have netbackup 6.5.4 and exchange 2007 , i need the best configuration to make backup job  to backup exchange 2007 mailboxes .

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The best option these days is to use GRT (Granular recovery technology). See the note on how to configure this option. Please note that you have to use disk as a storage destination (storage unit) to perform these backups. You can move the images from disk to tape later. The amount of disk would depend on your information store sizes and the retention period you'd like to keep the GRT backups on disk.

Alternatively you can use the MAPI mailbox backups but these are usually very slow. And require two separate backups where GRT requires only one to provide DR recovery as well as the capability to restore individual items from/to a mailbox.

To improve performance you can specify mulitple streams when backing up mailboxes i.e. A-M and M-Z etc. The same can be done on a GRT backup, but it works with storage groups instead of mailboxes. This all depends on your environment and performance, so you'll need to test and play around to find the best fit.


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ITs easy :)

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thanks for response but my storage units are VTL and TL

i tried to backup Exchange mailbox/: using multistream but  it 's hanging

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Hanging or just dog-slow?

Please this O-L-D but still valid TN:

The first concern expressed by most people with regard to mailbox backups is performance. It is important to note with mailbox backups, throughput is expected to perform at speeds that are 10% of the exchange information store throughput. Some things which can be done to improve performance include:

  • Confirm the there are no errors in the indexes  -- run ESEUTIL to verify. Consult Microsoft Support for assistance on running the utility.  
  • Disable all NetBackup logging
  • Verify network configuration. If the network is poorly configured, or there is poor network throughput, mailbox backups will show extremely slow response. To test if the network is an issue, test a backup to a null device on the Exchange server. (See TechNote in the Related Documents section.)
  • If network configuration is poor, verify performance with third-party Network Sniffer

It is also important to check the Windows account which starts the NetBackup Client Service. The account must have Exchange Full Administrator rights and Local Administrative rights to the Exchange server. Running the NetBackup Client Service as the Local System account will not allow Exchange Mailbox backups to be successful.

Also see this TN and video:

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