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Best method of migrating a basic disk staging Storage Unit

Created: 26 Feb 2014 • Updated: 01 Apr 2014 | 4 comments
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this is my very first post. I have need to migrate to different storage one of my Master Servers STU's. Its a 5TB lun presented to the master server. we have a another Media server that doesn't use this STU

I dont wish to edit/ change all my polices/schedules in NBU, so wondered if the following is the best method.

1. Attach new storage to master server

2. Stop Netbackup

3. Unmount current /STU  and remount it on a different path i.e /STU_OLD.

4. Create /STU on new storage

5. Copy all of the data and folders from /STU_OLD to /STU

6. Start netbackup

7. Unmount /STU_OLD and destroy

Should I use RSYNC to do the copy? Im a windows admin, and not particularly hot on UNIX.

Many thanks for any help given.

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would you like to increase the FS space?

if yes, why dont you try to increase the same FS space in OS level.

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This should be a fine process. From a NetBackup view this is all at the OS layer and transparent when services start again. Using RSYNC is a great idea as the permissions need to retained.

The nice part is, if for some reason you get an error, remount the _old and your back and working again.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback. I now need to work out how, as this DSU is written to every 2 hours for DB backups and those images have retentions on them from 2 days to 1 week.

I'm talking with a storage guy if we can replicate backend. Maybe clone or do a lun migration. 3 TB is going to take a while to do, and if I need to configure the policies in order to write somewhere else, then there is probably no point is doing the above. Just assign a new dsu and change each policy one by one over time.

what do you think?


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It would be far easier if you could have a new STU put into place.

You could immediately start using that one but could also set about duplicating everything from the original to the new one and once they are all done you can expire just the copy that resides on the old one to clear it down and then decomission it

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