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Best Practice to backup/restore Enforce Server and Oracle DB

Created: 27 Sep 2010 | 3 comments
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Dear all

Pls advise best practice to backup/restore Enforce Server and Oracle DB.


Best Regards,


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In the Symantec Oracle DLP Guide there is a whole section dedicated to backing up the database.  Look for "Backing up the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Database"  There is a section dedicated to Oracle on Windows and Oracle on Linux.

The documentation is included with the software you download from fileconnect.

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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All the policy and log are stored on the Oracle DB, so, in my opinion, you can only backup the Oracle DB named protect that used by DLP.

There are bat scripts under the DLP Enforce Server installation folder: \Vontu\Protect\tools\backup\. The bat scripts are:





And, there is a usage guide under this folder which is named: VontuBackupRecoveryGuide.txt, you can refer to this guide for the steps. Paste the content of this guide below for your information:

*This document contains instructions on how to back and *
*recover Vontu database. *
*Overview *
All the scripts requires 2 parameters: database system username, usually "sys", and system user password.
List of scripts and configuration files:
1. backup.bat: This script does a full backup of the database. Once this is done once, you can use backupIncremental.bat to do incremental backup to save disk space.
2. backupIncremental.bat: This script does a incremental backup fo the database.
3. vontu.rcv: Configuration file for full backup script.
4. vontuincremental.rcv: Configuration file for incremental backup script.
*Backup *
It is recommended to use a backup directory resides in a separate drive from Vontu installation. Avoid doing backup when Protect is doing indexing.
1. Edit vontu.rcv, rvontu.rcv and vontuincremental.rcv: Change "c:\backup" in these files to your own backup location. For example: d:\backup. Avoid using upper case letters in the path.
2. If this is the first time you do a backup, please run backup.bat which will do a full backup of the database. Once you have run the full backup. You can run backupIncremental.bat to do incremental backups to save disk space.
3. Optional: Backup up the backup directory to a disk storage.
*Recover *
In most cases, run recover.bat would recover the database. If not, either find a DBA, or call Vontu for help.
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