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Best practice for encrypted data migration to Windows 2012 file server

Created: 08 Jan 2014 | 3 comments


I am looking for best practices to migrate Symantec encrypted data from one server to another.

Can someone point my in the direction of best practices for this?

Is it just simply creating a NetShare on the new file server, then robocopy the encrypted data from one NetShare to the other?

Is there anything I need to be wary of with de-duplication?



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What version of Encryption Desktop are you using?  I think only the most recent couple of versions supports 2012

Assuming the versions are all ok, just remove the shares, copy the data then recreate them.  All the same keys etc will be used there's no Gotcha's at all to this; its quite straight forward.

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Thanks for the reply Alex.

The Desktop version is the latest (10.3.1 MP1)

I assume when you say "just remove the shares", you mean decrypt the files.

The problem I face there is how long decryption, copying, and re-encryption will take without any downtime (longer than a weekend).

Any idea if decryption/re-ecnryption time will be greatly reduced if I use a desktop PC with an SSD?


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Depending on amount of the data, disk type I/O time may differ.

With SSD drive this should be faster but Symantec always recommends to test a new disk with Symantec Encryption Desktop Product to see if it's working. Also it is important to have all drivers up to date.

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