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Best Practice on how to deal with replacing machines in SMP 7.1SP2

Created: 10 Aug 2012 | 9 comments

Here is the scenario :

User A already has a Lenovo X201 with a standard hostname.  The user is upgraded to a new Lenovo X220 laptop and is given the same hostname.

When I check the Notification server I only have information from the old laptop and nothing from the new hardware.

I have the scheduled push to "Windows Computers with no Symantec Management Agent Installed Target" on and kicking off every hour.  But I guess because it's already listed as "managed" its not going to fall into that target group.  How can I capture the change in hardware ?  I'm currently just running hardware and software scans.  Would turning on the delta catch it ?  Theortically no scan is going to kick off on that machine anymore because there is no agent installed.

Any ideas on how other people are dealing with this or am I just missing something ?


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If the hostnames are the same, you're going to have to make sure the agent gets installed as part of your build process.  In my opinion, you should anyway.  I use the scheduled push as a last resort...

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Sounds like a plan. I guess that way SMP will pick up the duplicate and then I can merge the data....

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This is a loaded question…

  1. What is the status of the old System?

If the computer has any chance of attempting a connection to Altiris then either disable or remove the Altiris client. 

  1. Do you have the Asset Management solution?

If you own the asset management solution then you have two options:

  1.  Rename the pc and have it check into Altiris then retire / dispose of the asset.
  2. Backup the asset data, delete the resource from Altiris then import the data using a different resource name.

 After the above items have been reviewed delete the system from Altiris. The resource should be rediscovered and the agent will be pushed automatically.

If you cannot wait for discovery simply push the agent.

If you have workflow solution you can  automate the entire process.

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The computer is totally gone and would be re-imaged so no chance of connecting.  I'm thinking Zac H has the best option right now.  Have the agent install once it's built that way it should get detected as a duplicate system and then I can merge the two laptop or delete the old one.

As a last resort I can always delete but was trying to find a more automated process of doing this.


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Actually, there is a task you can enable to automatically merge resources.  Not sure if it requires AMS though...

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I think if the name and domain are the same the NS will assign the new agent the same GUID as the old one.

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IIRC, GUID generation is based on hardware (maybe MAC address and such?).  

If you wipe the GUID on a machine with the same hardware, you'll get the same GUID.  If that machine gets cloned to a new box and then the GUID gets wiped, it will get a new one.

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Yes, normally the same GUID will be issued if the name and domain are consistent with an existing computer. Remember, you do risk losing any history of the old resource. Also, the resource could have associations you do not want to carry over to the new system.

Frankly, I hate refreshing computers and reusing the old name. I know sometimes you have no choice just keep in mind funny things can happen.

This is why I recommend deleting the resource out of the console before installing the agent on a system using an old name.

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I see this with a different perpective. First what solution do you use for imaging ? If it is DS then you might want to have your os image including the Agent and all desire pluging, it save time and it allows you interact directly with the NS just after the OS is up and running.

If using another system for imaging you still can do it that way but need to reset Agent GUID before it get the inventory to the NS or you will mess it up.

Whatever solution you use make sure you remove the old computer from NS. Don't forget you clean up your envireonment it is better, (Active Directory, DNS, .....)

Stephan RISSAC

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